Three kg tumour near heart and lung of 65-year-old man removed by JNMC surgeons

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AMU: A team of surgeons from the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) headed by Professor M H Beg has successfully removed a three kg tumour adhered to heart and lung of 65-year-old, Hemendra Gupta Arya, a resident of the Quarsi area in Aligarh.

Prof Beg was assisted by Dr Mohd Azam Haseen, Dr Ehtesham Hussain Naqvi and Dr Shamayal Rabbani, while Dr Nadeem Raza and his team provided anaesthesia to the patient before the surgery.

The patient was consulted by the Department of Pulmonology, JNMC before being referred to cardiothoracic surgeons.

“It took six hours to remove a tumour,” said Prof Beg adding that it was a rare case as a tumour has been present and growing since birth in the patient’s body. “However, the tumour was only diagnosed recently after the patient complained of a severe pain,” pointed Prof Beg.

Dr Mohd Azam Haseen said that since Hemendra is in his 60s, the surgery became challenging.

Dr Ehtesham Hussain Naqvi added that every year, the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery deals with at least 150 cases of thoracic surgery from more than 250 cases of cardiac and vascular surgery.

Professor S C Sharma (Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Principal, JNMC) has congratulated the team of surgeons.

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